[GPU Tool] GPU PerfStudio 2.3.993 Released

AMD GPU PerfStudio

The new version of AMD’s GPU PerfStudio is available. GPU PerfStudio is a tool for software developers that allows debugging and performance tuning of 3D applications. Int includes a frame debugger, profiler, shader debugger and API trace into a single unified IDE. GPU PerfStudio supports Direct3D 11, 10.1, 10 and OpenGL 3.0 applications.

GPU PerfStudio 2.3 New Features:
* Support for DirectX 11 Deferred Contexts
* CPU thread timing information for graphics API calls
* GPU Timing graph integrated with draw call slider
* Picture-in-picture feature for zoomed in image viewing
* Improved Profiler user interface
* Addition of tessellator specific counters
* Improved support for more game applications

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