Fast Generation of 3D Face Models with a Webcam

Two researchers from Japan’s Waseda University have created a tool that is able to convert a 2D picture in a 3D model with a conventional webcam in around 1.2 seconds.

The method is based on a database of 3D face models of 1,000 people. When analyzing a picture, the system compares certain “feature points” (characteristic elements) with those of the face pictures stored in the database and almost instantly creates the 3D model.

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One thought on “Fast Generation of 3D Face Models with a Webcam”

  1. GPUToaster

    I always wanted to work on this, and the guys from Japan University actually did it….Now this is great step towards 3D MODEL generation. Just imagine, how much less time would be required to generate a whole 3D Model if it can take 1.2 sec to generate a face. May be next generation games would integrate the technology into there Engine. Hats off to Japan researchers. This is a great leap towards 3D model generation.

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