Bullet Physics 2.77 SDK Available with OpenCL And DirectCompute Support

Bullet Physics


The new version of Bullet Physics is available. Bullet Physics is a professional open source (C++) collision detection, rigid body and soft body dynamics library. The library is free for commercial use under the ZLib license. Bullet is available for all major platforms including PS3, XBox 360, Wii, PC, Linux, Mac OSX and iPhone.

The main new feature of Bullet 2.77 is the OpenCL and DirectCompute hardware accelerated cloth simulation (part of BulletSoftBody). More information about this new release HERE.

Bullet Physics, OpenCL cloth demo
Bullet 2.77 OpenCL cloth demo

You can download Bullet 2.77 SDK and demos HERE.

Bullet SDK 2.77 quick changelog:

  • OpenCL and DX11 cloth simulation as part of BulletSoftBody. See Bullet/Demos/OpenCLClothDemo and Bullet/Demos/DX11ClothDemo. This is an initial implementation, and there is no support for collision detection or other advanced features yet.
  • New btParallelConstraintSolver as part of BulletMultiThreaded. Although mainly targetting PlayStation 3 SPUs it also accelerates multi-core PCs. See Bullet/Demos/MultiThreadedDemo or get the spubullet-2.77 from PS3 Devnet.
  • Many more bug fixes and minor features.

Bullet Physics, OpenCL particles demo
Bullet 2.77 OpenCL particles demo


17 thoughts on “Bullet Physics 2.77 SDK Available with OpenCL And DirectCompute Support”

  1. Psolord

    So does that mean I can run them on my ATI as well? 😛

    I wonder what kind of differences the 5850, the 460 and the 4850 will have! Hmmm….is it difficult to run them? Does it require programming skills or something? :S

  2. JeGX Post Author

    Running the Bullet demos?
    Just unzip the demos pack and launch the demos. Windows binaries are shipped…

  3. Psolord

    Ok I have some first numbers.

    On my office’s PC, P4 3Ghz+8800GT

    Clothdemo CPU 15fps
    Clothdemo GPU 45fps

    Particles demo CPU 5fps
    Particles demo GPU 60fps


    I wonder if there’s a frame cap at 60fps or the 8800GT can do as much. Hope there isn’t. :S

  4. JeGX Post Author

    The VSYNC is enabled by default in the demos. You have to force it to off in NVCPL.

  5. Psolord

    Cool! I thought I had it disabled already! thanks!

    Now the Particles demo with the GPU jumped to 77fps

    The clock demo seems to be stuck at 60fps though!

    Forgive my daring JegX, but I think it would be a nice idea if you could make a Physics benchmark between ATI and Nvidia and Dirext Compute and OpenCL using bullet. It would be a bomb! 😀

  6. psolord

    Ok some multiposting will follow. Sorry for the Spam

    Q9550 4ghz+460GTX 850Mhz max window for 1920×1080

    DX11 cloth 148fps
    Open CL Cloth 108fps
    Open CL Cloth CPU
    Particles CPU 33fps
    Particles GPU 103fps

  7. Psolord

    Core i7 860 stock+5850 stock max window for 1920×1080

    DX11 cloth 35fps
    Open CL Cloth 31fps
    Open CL Cloth CPU 23fps
    Particles CPU empty box (???)
    Particles GPU empty box (???)

    I got ATI Stream 2.2 on this machine and Catalyst 10.9a hotfix

  8. Psolord

    E6600 3ghz+4850 750mhzmax window for 1920×1080

    Open CL Cloth 50fps
    Open CL Cloth CPU 30fps
    Particles CPU empty box (???)
    Particles GPU empty box (???)

    I got ATI Stream 2.2 on this machine and Catalyst 10.8

    Nice. ATI’s demos don’t work on ATI hardware.

  9. msweed4life

    works really nice on XFX HD5770
    thanks jegx!!!!
    ATI/programmers , future is now!

  10. ca$per

    Can anyone check if Bullet’s cloth implementations (both CPU and GPU) are faster then PhysX’s? It’s just i do not have any of them, but a comparsion would be great! Of cource with similar scenes.

  11. Psolord


    Dude, do the particles demos work for you? In both of my ATI machines they failed. Even the CPU part failed. WTF?

  12. Robert

    2 Psolord
    maybe we have to uninstall PhysX driver?
    Can you do that?

  13. Psolord

    You mean to uninstall the PhysX driver from the ATI machines? Do you think there’s a connection?

    So I take it you are having problems as well?

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