Ray Tracing Demonstration With 80 Threads

Sandy Bridge platform - 80 threads

Here is a ray tracing demo of Intel’s Sandy Bridge platform with four Intel Westmere EX processors. Each processor has 10 cores with Hyper-Threading enabled leading to 20 logical cores per processor. These 80 cores have been used to ray trace a scene with KeyShot, a realtime raytracing and global illumination software.

9 thoughts on “Ray Tracing Demonstration With 80 Threads”

  1. teo

    so we need a 80 cores cpu that doesnt exist to see something choppy and pixelated ? 😀

    anyway whats new ? any 3d rendering nowdays has real time preview …


  2. DrBalthar

    Definitely an improvement to Hypershot (Bunkspeed sure are in the deep trouble switching to iray. I don’t think they will be able to compete)

  3. Reavenk

    “Definitly one of the benefits with going with a CPU based rendering system”.
    *Sigh, if only that was the case with consumer grade hardware, and not just cutting edge industry tech.

    Still, very cool stuff, even though I think it should be called “interactive” framerates instead of “realtime” rendering. Raytracing systems seem to want to break that barrier SOoOo BAD that they just mislabel themselves, even when they don’t break that required 24-30 FPS mark.

  4. Korvin77

    lol all what I see – these new Intel CPU are just too slow. But I’m impressed – WinXP’s manager can show 80 threads )))

  5. Lord

    Why use cpu for raytracing when we can have more simd core on a graphics card which can perform much much much better than this choppy pixelated raytracing picturization….

    using of ati hd 5800 series or nvidia gtx 460+ cards would do much better than high costed westmere ex processors at graphics processing…

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