MSI GTX 480 Lightning: 16-Phase VRM and 3 Power Connectors

MSI GTX 480 Lightning

MSI GTX 480 Lightning - VRM

This GeForce GTX 480 is MSI’s top-notch graphics card, the ultime deluxe edition. This card comes with an impressive 16-phase VRM: 12 phases to feed the GPU, 3 phases for the memory and one phase for the PLL (Phase Locked Loop). The MOSFETs are copperMOS to offer a better heat dissipation. There are 3 voltage chech points for GPU, memory and PLL.

The GPU is factory-overclocked at 750MHz (reference: 700MHz) as well as the memory: 1000MHz instead of 924MHz real speed (see HERE for GTX 480 specs).

MSI GTX 480 Lightning should be priced at US $550.

MSI GTX 480 Lightning - VRM

MSI GTX 480 Lightning - Power connectors

With all these power connectors, it’s getting difficult to find a good PSU with the right number of power connectors for feeding a n-way SLI system…


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  1. ZenMorris

    just stupid, I mean – does this come with a free game/nuclear power plant

  2. filip007

    Yes maybe will nVidia start integrate a nuclear power cell inside GPU that’s an idea.

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