POV TGT GeForce GTX 480 Ultra Charged Triple Fan Cooling


Point of View is about to release a new monster based on the 480 cores version of the GF100 GPU: the GeForce GTX 480 Ultra Charged Triple-Fan-Cooling. What a name! This card features Arctic Cooling’s Accelero Xtreme Plus VGA cooler and comes with an overclocked GPU: 763MHz (stock: 700MHz) and overclocked memory: 950MHz real speed (stock: 924MHz) or 1900MHz DDR speed or 3800MHz QDR speed (see this article for memory speed).

This heavy (should be heavy!) card should be available in few days and is priced at 530 euros.

The ULTRA CHARGED version are carefully selected graphics cards that can reach top speeds and still using the standard cooler. This top model can reach incredible high performance speeds right out of the box. All carefully tested by the TGT team to make sure you will be fascinated.

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  1. msweed4life

    here in Brazil the staff does not like very this manufacturer not POINT OF VIEW IS POOR, the parts is very amateur. but the Vga design is nice!!

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