Cloud Computing: Wolfenstein Ray Traced on a Laptop

Here is a video of a ray traced version of id Software’s Wolfenstein rendered from a cloud of four servers with Intel’s Knights Ferry platform inside (more info HERE). Knights Ferry is a Many Integrated Core (MIC) architecture targeted towards the High-Performance Computing market.

Research project Wolfenstein: Ray Traced gets demonstrated inside Intel Labs in Santa Clara, CA. See the highly detailed chandelier model with near realistic glass reflecting and refracting with amazing clarity. Also see a shiny car reflect movement from its surroundings, and other potential game-play enhancing features. The demo setup consists of four machines using Intel’s Knights Ferry card as rendering server that feeds a small laptop with the stunning visualizations playing at a high frame rate.

More information HERE.

3 thoughts on “Cloud Computing: Wolfenstein Ray Traced on a Laptop”

  1. DrBalthar

    These 5 years old game engine RTRT demos from Intel are starting to become really boring.

  2. gopu

    Not really on a laptop but using 4 super servers via Cloud Computing.

  3. goblerone

    Sweet so instead of buying a laptop with a discrete GPU, I can instead get four servers in order to play a five-year old game with input lag.

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