WebGL Demos to Have Some Fun With Your GPU in the Browser

Aquarium by Human Engines and Gregg Tavares

The Google’s Chromium team has released four WebGL demos to show what you can do with the WebGL API and a WebGL implementation like the one in Chromium (Google Chrome).

All demos are available HERE.

And if you’re like me, with a browser that doesn’t support yet WebGL (jump HERE to get a WebGL-capable browser…) here are the videos:

Wall of Photos by Cooliris

Field by Gregg Tavares

Collectibles Painter by Human Engines


4 thoughts on “WebGL Demos to Have Some Fun With Your GPU in the Browser”

  1. Korvin77

    I’ve tried recently the latest Firefox with WebGL enabled (btw it uses also Direct2D and DirectWrite – new proprietary APIs from Win7, which are part of DX) and I didn’t notice any difference. Probably I need these demos. But I use Opera which is not use WebGL and it doesn’t need it – because it’s a very fast web browser.

  2. fmoreira

    @Korvin77: this has nothing to do with the rendering speed 🙂 WebGL is just a standard for 3D rendering in the WWW.
    I also use Opera and I would like the desktop team to add support for webgl.

  3. Korvin77

    just don’t get why we need webgl at all. playing games in the browser?

  4. Alex Kuster

    Korvin77 : yeah, more or less that’s the idea ^^ (apart from improving user experience in websites and blahblahblah)

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