AMD HD 6870 (Cayman) and HD 6350 (Caicos) Pictures and Details

AMD HD 6350 Caicos GPU
The Caicos GPU

AMD HD 6350 (Caicos PRO)
AMD HD 6350 (Caicos)

The first pictures of upcoming AMD cards appear on the Net. Today, we have the Radeon HD 6870, based on the Cayman XT GPU, that will replace the Radeon HD 5870. The second picture is the HD 6350, based on the Caicos GPU, than will replace the HD 5450.

AMD HD 6870 (Cayman XT)
AMD HD 6870 (Cayman XT)

And here’s some other details about AMD HD 6000 series:

AMD HD 6000 series details

HD 6350 GPU-Z

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  1. Lokavidu

    hopefully amd will do something about their (not only) opencl drivers

  2. DrBalthar

    AMD is definitely increasing the heat on JJH and his fellow’s ass.

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