True Likeness of William Shakespeare Thanks to 3D Technologies

William Shakespeare, true likeness
William Shakespeare, true likeness

Thanks to modern 3D technologies, scientists have recreated the true likeness of William Shakespeare (baptised 26 April 1564; died 23 April 1616). The recreations are based on scans taken from death masks, and in some cases, masks made during life.

William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare, as we know him so far

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4 thoughts on “True Likeness of William Shakespeare Thanks to 3D Technologies”

  1. WacKEDmaN

    looks like a bald Einstein to me!

    looks like that mesh could do with some tesselation too!

  2. Bardologist

    There is no known death or life mask of William Shakespeare, only a bust on his tomb. So, making a “true likeness” is unlikely, to say the least.

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