Colorful iGame GTX 460 with a 900MHz Pre-Overclocked GPU

Colorful iGame GTX 460

Colorful iGame GTX 460

Colorful, an asian graphics cards maker, will release shortly a GeForce GTX 460
with a very nice factory overclocking: the GPU is clocked at 900MHz (reference speed: 675MHz which means an extra OC of +33%) and the memory is clocked at 1050MHz real speed or 4200MHz QDR speed (reference: 900MHz or 3600MHz QDR speed).

Colorful’s iGame GTX 460 comes with a 6+1 multiphase VRM (6 phases for the GPU and one for the memory).

GTX 460 6+1 VRM

And like MSI’s N460GTX Hawk, this iGame GTX 460 offers voltage check points (or V-Check points):

GTX 460 voltage check points

This card is really cool except one thing: it will be only available in Asia…

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