MSI N460GTX Hawk Designed for Massive Overclocking

MSI N460GTX Hawk

Update (2010.09.02)
MSI N460GTX Hawk is now official: N460GTX Hawk @

MSI’s N460GTX Hawk is the new GeForce GTX 460 for the enthousiast. This card is designed for overclocking with a 7+1 multiphase VRM, V-Check points to read GPU, memory and PLL voltages (like MSI’s R5770 Hawk), military class components and the efficient Twin Frozr II VGA cooler.

MSI N460GTX Hawk V-Check points
V-Check points: GPU, memory and PLL (Phase Locked Loop)

MSI N460GTX Hawk triple voltage
Triple voltage: GPU, memory and PLL

The GF104 GPU hidden behind the VGA cooler, is pre-overclocked at 780MHz (the reference GPU clock is 675MHz…) and according to this news, will be ablée to reach the 1000MHz like the following screenshot shows it well:

MSI N460GTX Hawk + Kombustor + Afterburner

MSI’s N460GTX Hawk, that should be available very shortly, is announced with a TDP of 180W and its price is around 220 euros.