[Demoscene] Making of Ergon 4k PC Intro

@lx, the coder of the french demogroup FRequency (décidement ya des français partout dans la 3D 😉 ), wrote a detailed article about the making of Ergon, one of the best 4k intros released at the Breakpoint 2010. So if you want to discover some of the demomakers’ secrets, just read this: Making of Ergon 4K PC Intro.

Reading demomakers’ tricks of the trade is still rewarding. In his article, @lx talks about the way to create a Worm-Lava texture and since I’m still looking for new shaders for GeeXLab, I’ve implemented the code he kindly gave and it works rather fine:

GeeXLab - Worm-Lava texture

But currently, there is a limitation in my implementation: texcoords are limited to the range [0;1] otherwise the color becomes satured and clamped to white….

GeeXLab - Worm-Lava texture

I will release this demo in a next post with a noise3f() shader…

4 thoughts on “[Demoscene] Making of Ergon 4k PC Intro”

  1. FMoreira

    these demoscene guys are true computer graphics poets!
    I wish some day be able achieve something close to this 🙂

    keep up the excellent job!

  2. komar

    big up aux frenchies

    et à ce site, une réference pour moi

    French touch will rule tha world !

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