EVGA Free Performance Boost Tested on a GTX 460

EVGA Free Performance Boost

The graphics cards guru at PC INpact has tested EVGA’s Free Performance Boost (FPB) on a standard EVGA GTX 460.

Objective: comparing a FPB-ed GTX 460 against a superclocked model like the EVGA GeForce GTX 460 SuperClocked 1024MB.

1 – Clocks

  • GTX 460 – GPU: 675MHz, mem: 900MHz real speed.
  • GTX 460 with BIOS update – GPU: 720MHz, mem: 900MHz real speed.
  • GTX 460 Superclocked – GPU: 763MHz, mem: 950MHz real speed.

2 – Tests
The fan speed on the GTX 460 has not been affected by the BIOS update. In idle mode, the GPU keeps a nice GPU temperature of 33°C.

Under DiRT2, the GPU reaches 68°C and under 75°C under FurMark.

TessMark has been used to add a touch of fun in this sometimes boring world of GPU benchmarks 😉

EVGA Free Performance Boost - TessMark benchmark

3 – Conclusion
According to PC INpact, the BIOS update brings a gain of around 5% and allows the GTX 460 to approach the GTX 460 Superclocked performance. But keep in mind that the GTX 460 Superclocked has a serious advantage over the GTX 460: 10 year of warranty…