[GeeXLab] GPU-M: A Simple GPU Temperature Monitor

GPU-M: A Simple GPU Temperature Monitor coded with GeeXLab

Here is a very simple GPU tool coded with GeeXLab 0.2.0. It use the new HYP_ZoomGPU lib available in Python and Lua. HYP_ZoomGPU is actually a wrapper over ZoomGPU, my small GPU monitoring lib used in FurMark, GPU Caps Viewer and the other tools.

Currently, only functions related to GPU enumeration and temperature are available. I will add other functions asap. Coupled with Python, Lua and your imagination, I’m sure that many cool things can be done with the GPU temperature information.

Here is a code snippet in Lua that shows a basic use of this lib in GeeXLab:

num_gpus = HYP_ZoomGPU.GetNumPhysicalGPUs()
for i=1, num_gpus do
  gpu_name = HYP_ZoomGPU.GetGPUName(i-1)
  gpuT, pcbT = HYP_ZoomGPU.ReadTemperatures(i-1)

You can download GPU-M (binaries + source code) here

The source code is localized in the GPU-M.xml file. GPU-M.exe is simply GeeXLab.exe renamed. GPU-M.xml is automatically loaded by GeeXLab via an instruction is the config file config.gxml.

GPU-M: A Simple GPU Temperature Monitor coded with GeeXLab
GPU-M and FurMark

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