glloader 3.6.0 With OpenGL 4.1 Support

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Like GLEW, GLEE or Biggle, glloader is a library that checks and initializes all OpenGL extensions supported on the target platform.

You can download glloader 3.6.0 source code HERE.

The GLLoader, a subproject of Klay Game Engine, is an OpenGL extension loading library. It supports OpenGL core 1.0 to 4.1, OpenGL ES 1.0 to 2.0, as well as WGL, GLX, and other GL extensions. There is a automatic code generater. All the things you want to do is to write a xml script if you have to support new extensions. The GLLoader’s primary selling point is that it offers a initializing path of an extension. So if an extension has promoted into the core, the loader will try to load it from the core. If failed, try the extension one. After setting include and lib directories, all you need to do is add #include into your code.