[GPU Tool] EVGA Precision 1.9.6 Released

EVGA Precision

A new version of EVGA Precision is out. This release fixes a bug related to the RivaTuner task scheduler helper lib (RTTSH) that displayed this error message in some situations:

EVGA Precision - task scheduler helper error

If you have an account on EVGA’s forums, you can download this tool. Otherwise you can download it HERE.

EVGA Precision 1.9.6 changelog:

  • Fixed COM security initialization issue causing task scheduler helper library to fail with error code -2 under certain conditions
  • “Start the task only when computer is running on AC power” option is no longer set in the startup task settings to allow automatically starting application via the task scheduler on laptops or on some UPS models
  • Added On-Screen Display profile for Startcraft II : Wings of Liberty