NVIDIA Thinks that India Is In Europe

NVIDIA Europe website

On the european NVIDIA website www.nvidia.eu, we find India among other european countries 😀

NVIDIA Europe website


Update: Stronger with Chicago News 😀 😀
Thanks Psolord 😉


9 thoughts on “NVIDIA Thinks that India Is In Europe”

  1. xcbb

    Those americans, hahaha.

    Remembered another thing about a game where Egypt was in the place of Turkey. Very funny to see such big mistakes.

  2. mrEvil

    Looks like they’ve unveiled evil-Gordon-Brown plans to take over the world. ;P

  3. Marc

    According to the graphic the 2010 World Cup was somewhere between Ecuador and Colombia!!!


  4. auld

    It probably relates to sales territory (EMEA – Europe, Middle East and Africa) which at a guess includes India in Nvidias case. The EMEA website lists all centres within the control of the regional sales manager, be they in Europe or not.

    I doubt its a case of “hey Indias in Europe isnt it? Yeah go, on stick it on the website.”

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