EVGA OC Scanner 1.2.1 Available

EVGA OC Scanner

A new version of EVGA OC Scanner is ready. OC Scanner is EVGA’s graphics card artifact scanner and stress test utility. The main change in the 1.2.x branch is related to OSI (On Screen Information). Now, OSI and artifact scanner can be enabled in the same time (very useful in fullscreen mode). I also fixed a minor bug about GPU sorting (for matching EVGA Precision sorting) due to the recent update of the GPU monitoring code.

EVGA OC Scanner 1.2.1

This version is still locked to EVGA GTX 400 owners but this restriction will be relaxed in the next version 😉

OC Scanner is an OpenGL application and a SLI profile is available since first versions of NVIDIA’s R256 graphics drivers.

OC Scanner v1.2.0 and 1.2.1 changelog:

  • OSI font color can be changed in OC Scanner config file.
  • Artifact stats and GPU temperature added in OSI (On Screen Information).
  • Bug fixed in GPU sorting.
  • Now, On Screen Information (OSI) and artifact scanner can be enabled in the same time. OSI is no longer treated as an artifact.
  • added a group for power draw control (edit tone down delay, increment / decrement).

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