GF104: the GPU behind the new GTX 460

GF104 chip - GTX 460 GPU

The GF104 is the GPU that will power the new GTX 460 (that will be launched shortly in July). And according to Expreview, the specs are the following:

– GPU: GF104 @ 675MHz
– Shader processors: 336 @ 1350MHz
– Memory: 768MB GDDR5 @ 1800MHz DDR speed
TDP: 150W

On GF100 architecture, each SM or streaming multiprocessor has 32 shader processors or SP (or streaming processor!). A GTX 465 has 11 SM: 32*11 = 352 SP. Now look at the 336 SP of the GTX 460. 336 / 32 = 10.5. Seems the architecture of GF104 is slightly different from the GF100. So if 336 is the right number of SP, the GF104 SM can’t have 32 SP but another number like 16 or 24:
– 336 / 16 = 21 SM
– 336 / 24 = 14 SM

Let’s wait for the official launch to know the exact numbers.

4 thoughts on “GF104: the GPU behind the new GTX 460”

  1. DrBalthar

    Looks like the failures at nVidia are continuing. They should bin the whole Fermi architecture and move on!

  2. filip007

    The last good GPU was 7900 after that are more or less junk, maybe some 55nm are good everything else are just power hungry gpus.

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  4. Squall Leonhart

    Balthar, you tard. clocked right the GF104 architecture can meet and beat the 470.

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