UDK Mass Physics: 25000 Barrels Simulated with Unreal Engine

Physics demo using UDK (Unreal Development Kit):

Mass physics demonstration I rendered in the UDK, simulating 25,000 barrels stacked around a pillar 15,000 feet high, and then group by group falling to the ground.

5 thoughts on “UDK Mass Physics: 25000 Barrels Simulated with Unreal Engine”

  1. Reavenk

    Very fun to watch. Seems to also been a good demo of Unreal’s light shaft rendering.

  2. somari

    The author wrote that it’s a pre-render, took 3 hours to render.

  3. Tyler

    Did anyone else also notice that at 1:10 some barrels at the lower left corner of the screen are mistakenly culled away? 🙂

  4. DrBalthar

    Yep bad frustum or occlusion culling there what is worse the mass of physics doesn’t seem to be right or at least feel right at all. You’ll get the impression as if the barrels are super stiff

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