[GameDev] DxProf: Real Time Direct3D Profiling Tool

DxProf tested with a DX11 app.

DxProf is a command line profiling tool for Direct3D applications. Direct3D 9, 10 and 11 APIs are supported.

DXProf injects itself into applications that use DirectX for rendering. It analyzes each draw call in every frame and displays performance statistics for those draw calls, overlaying it over application frame buffer.

The syntax is simple:

dxprof.exe your_app.exe your_app_params

You can pause the profiling by pressing the ! key (the key with ] and !) and pick any bar you like and see file and line where this draw call was made (only if a valid .pdb file is found).

This tool works with 32-bit apps only:

Only 32-bit applications are supported currently. For example if you run dxprof with 32-bit app on 64-bit OS, it should work. However, running dxprof with 64-bit app will fail.