Inno3D GeForce GTX 480 iChill Black Series FurMarked

Inno3D GeForce GTX 480 iChill Black Series

Inno3D‘s new GeForce GTX 480 is equipped with a water cooling block designed by Bitspower.

This GTX 480 comes with an overclocked GPU (+20MHz then +40MHz for the shaders since both clocks are linked) and memory (+26MHz):
– GPU: GF100 @ 720MHz
– Shader cores: 480 @ 1440MHz
– Memory: 1536MB GDDR5 @ 950MHz (or 3800MHz effective)

See HERE for the specs of the reference GTX 480.

The question: what are the performances of this water block when the GPU is highly stressed ?

Guru3D brings us the the answer with FurMark:
– idle mode: 31°C
– stress mode with FurMark (during 30 min): 57°C

57°C is around 40°C in less since with the stock VGA cooler, the same GPU reaches 95°C when it’s tortured by our furry donut 😀

FurMark approved - FurMark proof

We have to note that the GPU temperature with the water block can vary according to the liquid cooling.

Here is the temperatue monitoring of MSI Afterburner:

Temperature reported by Afterburner

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  1. Bala

    Why does the fan speed shows 44% in that screenshot even there is no fan???

  2. chris s.

    Bala: The fan is on the radiator…dude.

    Those are the best temp improvements I’ve seen.

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