[GPU Tool] Transform a GTX 465 into a GTX 470 with ASUS GTX465 Unlocker

Asus GTX 465 unlocker

GTX 465 unlocked into a GTX 470

Asus has published a small tool that makes it possible to patch a GeForce GTX 465 into a GeForce GTX 470. How is it possible ? Just by enabling three SMs (streaming multiprocessor). Because first versions of GTX 465 GPUs are GTX 470 GPUs with three SMs in less. A GTX 465 has 352 cores (11 SMs) and an unlocked GTX 465 has 448 cores or 14 SMs.

You can download this GTX465 Unlocker HERE.


8 thoughts on “[GPU Tool] Transform a GTX 465 into a GTX 470 with ASUS GTX465 Unlocker”

  1. Leith

    ?!?! Wow I thought they laser cut these things.

    You’re telling me they simply use the BIOS to lock things down in 400 series?

    What about 470 to 480 unlock?

    (or ATI Radeon unlocking?)

    (I already have a 4th core unlocked AMD Phenom X3 BTW)

  2. Blackice504

    this is cool when things get found out like this but also i will say this simple fact yes you will have more cores yes that is great but you are loosing the extra 200MB or GPU ram that comes with the Nvidia 470 yes and before someone says oh they also have card that is 470 with more ram i am just talking about the REF model so people just understand.
    now for those who know about gpu’s you will know this but for those who dont i will give you a idea of what 200MB on a GPU does for example i run my Sexy Viewsonic 24″ LCD at its native 1920×1080 plus my TV at 1280×1024 that uses about 200MB of GPU’s Ram so saying that i would like to get all the ram on a card i can get for the simple fact of with the 470 in windows i would use that extra 200mb just to have my screens and what ever else maybe stored there at the time that means i have 1024Mb that can be used when i go into the games. now before you say oh but it clears some of that ram before it goes into game yes i agree but i dont because i use the TV ( Second screen ) to watch Movies while i play games because i am sick in the head.
    so thanks for the info.
    oh to the ATI Fans who go on how great there cards are Suck it.

  3. Blackice504

    the 470 also has more mem bus of 320bit thus giving more channels to the ram that the card has and would give more bandwidth. where the 465 has 256bit meaning 4 channels of 64bit to the ram.

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