[GPU Tool] EVGA Precision 1.9.4

EVGA Precision - GTX 480 skin
EVGA Precision with GTX 480 skin

The new version of EVGA Precision is available. Precision is EVGA’s GPU tweaking and overclocking utility based on RivaTuner engine.

A direct download on Guru3D’s servers is available HERE.


  • Fixed D3D11 framerate display in Logitech keyboard LCD
  • Fixed Link button saving issue on old NVIDIA graphics cards caused by adding Fermi graphics cards support in v1.9.2
  • Unlocked memory downclocking ability on GeForce GTX 400 series under the latest NVIDIA drivers
  • EVGA On-Screen Display server has been upgraded to version 3.7.1 featuring the following changes:
    • Improved On-Screen Display 3D rendering mode compatibility with Source engine based games and Star Trek Online
    • Updated profiles list
  • Startup profile is now displayed in option floating tooltip
  • Floating tooltips help system is now reinitialized properly after runtime skin switching

EVGA Precision - default skin
EVGA Precision with default skin

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