Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Advanced 3D Desktop: The Return!

This video is made to show the advanced things you could do configuring ubuntu with compizconfig-settings-manager and adding extra plugins, hope you enjoy the video.

This video is made to show the advanced 3D Desktop functionality of the Composite 3D render inside KDE, better known as KWin. KDE4 performs terrible fast on good computers and allowed me to open up various HD videos at the same time with no quality loss.

15 thoughts on “Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Advanced 3D Desktop: The Return!”

  1. Bravura

    What has this to do with Ubuntu 10.04? It is all about Compiz Fusion and avialble under most of the Linux distibutions.

  2. Psolord

    Super cool!

    Now I wonder. This recording is too clear to be made with a camera. Either the camera is very good or the whole thing has been recording with something like fraps. Which is it?:P

  3. Bravura

    Camera? Fraps? Why not capture the output signal of the graphic card? Clear and no slow downs.

  4. Psolord

    Yes but you need a second PC as well as a video capture card, like Blackmagic’s Intensity.

    And yes, Compiz is available to all Linux distros, but still Ubuntu is the most Windows-y of them all. It’s all about ease of use.

    Some die hard Linux users hate Ubuntu, but they can go to hell as far as I’m concerned. 😛

  5. Neolk

    Ubuntu the most Windows-y, but they placed close button on the wrong side…

  6. Mr. X

    Easy videocapture… ffmpeg -f x11grab -s 1280×1024 -r 25 -i :0.0 -sameq /tmp/out.mpg

  7. EagleDM

    I was the author of the video, thank you for watching, didn’t knew you were posting the video until I saw youtube insight.

    To answer all the questions:

    Captured with a Cannon SX200IS in Movie HD mode (1280×720), cropped and rescaled with Vegas, edited crop, increase contrast and brightness, added sharpening, include soundtrack and post the video.
    I prefer a camera, it leaves Linux to play on it’s own, not draining resources like if you capture with ffmpeg, also, the quality when you rescale is similar so I opted for camera (yes, it is a very good camera for taking HD videos).

    PS: I use a high quality tripode for the camera, or else, this would be impossible.

  8. Psolord


    Good job man. The video quality surely had me fooled. I use a camera most of the time as well, for precisely the same reason. People don’t seem to get that. They always ask for fraps recordings! wtf?

    Anyway. I recently figured that I get much better results with manual focus! My cam does a lot of focus hunting in dim light situations. Overall it is pretty good though. I have a Sanyo Xacti HD1000.

  9. Eagle

    Yes, it’s hard when there are sudden changes in the image, I also use manual focus on the video capture, still the flashes changes the intensity of the video but, somehow quality on motion movement of the windows is better with camera than with fraps/ffmpeg, also, any fraps like program WILL slow down and make the animation stutter, even on very high end hardware, that, does not happen with a camera, glad to know someone that understands 🙂

  10. Psolord

    The motion smoothness is easily explainable. The camera recording includes a natural motion blur, just like in films. You watch films at 24fps, yet the motion seems very smooth. If you pause it in a fast paced scene though, you will see the motion blur in action.

    This is what game developers are trying to simulate for years now, but they have failed miserably.

    3dfx has been shouting and kicking about the importance of 60fps in games, but still, we have games that force cap the gameplay at 30fps. Sith the force Unleashed being one of them.

    But I digress.

    When I make fraps recordings for me Youtube channel, I always record at 60fps. The problem is that when the file is uploaded, Youtube transcodes it to 30fps and unfortunately they choose the easy way to do it. Meaning they just discard the extra video frames. Being Google and all, I would expect to merge the two frame into one, thus keeping all the visual information.

    For example, I had uploaded a video of ASD’s Lifeforce a while back.

    The recording was done at 60fps and the resulting video was super smooth. Still when I uploaded it, the result seemed kinda jerky. This is the exact effect of Youtube’s transcoding to 30fps.

    Another even more bright example of this, is my Farbrausch FR-43 recording. I had left MSI Afterburner running in the background, so the framerate counter has been recorded as well.

    As you can see, the framerate counter is showing a constant 60fps, still the video is not as smooth as would be expected. Again, this is due to the missing frames.

    I guess I will have to find a way to transcode videos to 30fps before uploading, but in a way that the frames will be merged and not discarded. Since you know your way around Vegas, maybe there is an option to do so.

  11. Psolord

    Regarding fr-43, the framerate was an almost constant 60fps. In heavy scenes it tended to drop, but still in the scenes that are clearly 60fps, there’s obviously something wrong there.

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