Non-Reference GALAXY GeForce GTX 470 and FurMark: Temperatures Are Under Control!

Galaxy GeForce GTX 470

The guys at VR-Zone have tested the first non-reference NVIDIA Fermi-based card: a GeForce GTX 470 from GALAXY.

This card comes with a factory-overclocked GPU:
– GPU core: 625MHz (ref=607MHz)
– GPU processors: 1250MHz
– Memory: 3348MHz (ref=3348MHz)

And according to their tests with FurMark 1.8.2, the GPU temperature does not exceed 88°C in Xtrem Burning Mode with 2560×1600 res.

While there is no breakthrough in cooling performance, the GALAXY cooling solution is able to keep temperatures under control without becoming too noisy.

Fan noise becomes somewhat audible only if you decide to go close to the card on load. On an open-air setup, if you’re seated about an arm’s length away, the fan would definitely not bother you at all. That said, you would not be able to hear the card when it is installed in a case.

Galaxy GeForce GTX 470

More pictures HERE

This card features a detachable cooling system:

Galaxy GeForce GTX 470

3 thoughts on “Non-Reference GALAXY GeForce GTX 470 and FurMark: Temperatures Are Under Control!”

  1. Athlonite

    now put it inside a closed case and tell me now what the temps are hmmm as most users don’t use open bench setups i find the temps listed are not what would truly be recorded

  2. MaNiAc

    This card looks awesome! Too bad that in 99% of the cases it’ll be installed with “face” down and won’t be visible even in lighted-up modder cases. 🙁

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