First Customized GeForce GTX 470 Are Appearing

Gainward customized GeForce GTX 470

Gainward and Palit are the first graphics cards makers to announce GeForce GTX 470 with customized VGA cooler. Both models use 80mm fans and are quiter than NVIDIA stock VGA cooler.

Palit customized GeForce GTX 470

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One thought on “First Customized GeForce GTX 470 Are Appearing”

  1. Psolord

    I had a Palit GTX 260 once. Great card but it made my case very hot and it was no tiny case. It was an Armor with a 25cm sidefan and all other fans installed. Still the case got hot.

    The problem with all these cards, is that the exhaust of the hot air is inside the case. I prefer the cooler of the stock GTX 470 or the stock 5850. Maybe less efficient, but you don’t torture the rest of the system.

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