Zalman VF3000N VGA Cooler FurMarked

Zalman VF3000 VGA Cooler

Zalman’s VF3000N is a VGA cooler for GeForce GTX 260, 275, 280 and 285. For Radeon HD 4000 and HD 5000 there is also a product: the VF3000A.

VF3000N is a 5-heatpipe (copper) cooler with two 92mm fans, pure copper base and aluminium heatsink. There is a fan controller for adjusting the fan speed manually.

VF3000N is big: 3 slots are required!

VF3000N performances with FurMark with a GeForce GTX 285:

Zalman VF3000N + GTX 285 + FurMark
VF3000N – Temperatures

Zalman VF3000N + GTX 285 + FurMark
VF3000N – Sound level (PC chassis closed)

The complete review is available HERE.