NVIDIA OptiX Ray Tracing SDK Beta 4


NVIDIA has released a new beta of its ray tracing engine called OptiX.

OptiX is a real time and programmable ray tracer optimized for GPUs. More information about OptiX can be found HERE.

You can grab OptiX beta 4 HERE.

Changes from OptiX Beta 3:

  • Additional documentation for interop added to the OptiX reference manual.
  • Programming guide has been updated.
  • Slight modifications of the OptiX headers to remove any dependence on the CUDA run time if using these headers. You should not need to update your code.
  • Added simpleGLTexInterop sample to demonstrate how to use the new texture interop functionality of OptiX.
  • Mouse interactions with sutil’s Mouse class will now ignore interactions that result is setting the camera with NaNs or Infs.
  • Added support for non-affine transforms in Transform nodes.
  • Some fixes for the new GL interop functions.
  • Fixed problem with memory fragment errors when using many acceleration structures.
  • OptiX shared libraries now depend on 3.0 release version of the CUDA cudart library.