GPU-Z 0.4.2 Available

GPU-Z 0.4.2 with a GTX 260

A new bugfix release of GPU-Z is available. You can download GPU-Z 0.4.2 HERE.


  • Fixed an issue on all NVIDIA cards that would sometimes cause them to lose fan control when GPU-Z is running. Please don’t run pre-0.4.2 and 0.4.2 at the same time, this might result in incorrect readings in the 0.4.2 window.
  • Fixed system crash on MSI HD 5830 TwinFrozr II
  • Validation upload now uses Unicode for entered name
  • Reverted memory bandwidth calculation introduced in last version. It introduces too much confusion, we will go with what all companies use in their marketing material, even though we believe it is not correct. Using power of 10 again now, 1 GB/s = 1,000,000,000 Bytes per Second.

I tested this new version on my current system (GTX 260 + GTS 250 + forceware 197.15 + win7 64). GPU-Z says that the CUDA support is ok for the GTX 260 while it’s not the case for the GTS 250:

GPU-Z 0.4.2 with a GTS 250

Actually both cards have the CUDA support (from GPU Caps Viewer):

GPU Caps Viewer with a GTX 260

GPU Caps Viewer with a GTS 250