NeutronE Engine DX11 Tech-Demo

Neutrone Engine

Neutrone Engine

Here is a Direct3D 11 tech-demo made with the NeutronE engine.

After years of development NeutronE is finally ready for it’s first tech-demo! It demonstrates all key features provided by powerful NeutronE rendering pipeline including DirectX 11 tessellation, compute shader, real-time effects etc. Please note that we didn’t have time to involve professional artist(s) in the development of the demo so the emphasis is on the technology not the art.

That’s why FurMark only displays a nice torus 😉

You can download the tech-demo HERE.

I tested the demo on Win 7 64-bit + GeForce GTX 260 (DX10 system) and the average FPS was around 20. And of course I also tested on Win 7 64-bit + Radeon HD 5870 + Cat10.3 (DX11 system) but bad luck, on a real DX11 station, the demo failed to start 😀

Anyway, here are some screenies of the DX10 version:

Neutrone Engine - tech demo

Neutrone Engine - tech demo

Neutrone Engine - tech demo

Neutrone Engine - tech demo

The rendering is cool but there is nothing impressive. With DX9 / GL 2.0 you can do the same thing…


4 thoughts on “NeutronE Engine DX11 Tech-Demo”

  1. Riddlemaster

    I agree with the last sentence. It looks fairly good but there is nothing innovative about that. Just some solid piece of work.

  2. temporarychicken

    This is a very interesting and promising piece of work. Okay, cryengine 2 on DX9 can do all this and more, but lets respect the fact this is an early tech demo.

    The volumetric light and sunshafts are really good in this engine, as is the TOD. Better than the Unigine demo.

    Performance-wise, this demo uses DX11 CPU threading like no other, all 4 cores on my CPU were maxed out yet my HD5870 was only 60 percentish loaded.

    I am both pleased that the DX11 threading works, but un-pleased that this demo is maxing out my CPU for no good reason?

  3. teo_luk_4_15

    Mayby somebody know where I can find this demo?
    any mirror?
    or May somebody place this on rapidshare?

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