Infrared Pictures of the GeForce GTX 480

GeForce GTX 480 infrared imaging - idle mode
GTX 480 in idle mode: 57.8°C

GeForce GTX 480 infrared imaging - under heavy load
GTX 480 under load: 97.6°C

On these infrared pictures (see HERE for more details on infrared / thermal imaging) we can easily see two very hot parts when of the GTX 480 is loaded: the GPU area and the VRM zone.

The back face of GTX 480 PCB is the perfect place to cook an egg

Here are the infrared pictures of the Radeon HD 5870 and Radeon HD 5970:

Radeon HD 5870 infrared imaging - idle mode
HD 5870 in idle mode: 53.9°C

Radeon HD 5870 infrared imaging - under heavy load
HD 5870 under load: 86.7°C

Radeon HD 5870 infrared imaging - idle mode
HD 5970 in idle mode: 61.4°C

Radeon HD 5870 infrared imaging - under heavy load
HD 5970 under load: 91.3°C


10 thoughts on “Infrared Pictures of the GeForce GTX 480”

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  2. Mert Boytak

    “Alpha” boards. Ridiculous, and ‘throw’ them to the market ‘that way’..:-(

  3. guy

    Why are the PCB’s and the plastic casings of the cards showing the exact same color (meaning same temperature) as the heatsink metal? Seems to me as someone spent a lot of time with Photoshop messing around with RGB channels to make regular pics of cards with LED lights merely [i]appear[/i] that way.

    PS: Mind you, I know the new nvid cards run hot as hell, that’s not the point. The point is; the pictures above were obviously fabricated just so this place-filler of an article could be published.

  4. ChrisM

    You obviously dont have any idea what a GTX card looks like the plastic is the Blue part and changing to green in hotter images. Plastic looks to be about 30* C at idle.

    I dont think this is a photochop by any means.

    I say legit. Even the heat pipes look to be cooler? maybe they arent conducting enough heat?

  5. JeGX Post Author (the source of these infrared pictures) is a really trustworthy source, there is no fake image!

  6. Snake

    Well here is a question that no 1 has asked, at what speed is the fans spinning on all of the cards? and better yet, what percentage is that of the overall top speed??cause i have an ATi HD4890, and guess what, iv seen the temps rise over 98 degrees, then only does the catalyst drivers relise that its mayb running a bit hot, so what i do it use a program to control it because the nVidia and ATi drivers are actually incapable of doing so, i use MSI afterburner, which allows you to set a temp to fan speed percentage graph, and now my card never goes over 66-68 degrees at a max of 60% fan speed, so what fan spped percentage was the fermi running at?? it 100% then they have made a terrible thermal design, if its running at 40 or 50 %, i suggest using ur own damn initiative and force the fan to run quicker

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  8. Danny Boy

    For those aksking about the fan speed, I dont see whats wrong with leaving the fans on AUTO as thats the way the card is designed to run. I find it amazing that Nvidia can give sub-standard fan profiles for “out the case reviews” (which most are). So the get the benefit of lower noise, power consumption (the fan on the 400 series uses up alot of juice), yet the end user is supposed to mess with programs and manually set the fan speed whenever he wants to game, what a joke.

    If they did manually set the fan speed for the GTX 480 then those temps really are a joke.

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