S2 Engine with PhysX Effets

S2 Engine - Game engine

Here is a preview of the S2 Engine, a new game engine packed with many features and developed by an italian team.

One of the big features of the S2 Engine is the use of NVIDIA PhysX for the physics sub-system.

The S2 Engine also offers a scripting language but it’s not specified which scripting language it is: Lua, Python, Basic-based, or customized language?

The shadows are based on stencil shadow volumes (doom 3) but real soft shadows based on shadow mapping don’t seem to be supported (from the website: Soft shadows can also been simulated via projective lights. – Thanks ca$per 😉 ).

Anyway, graphics rendering looks cool (thanks to post-processing 😉 )

The prices of S2 Engine range from 135 euros to 5730 euros.

E come si dice: in bocca al lupo con sto engine!

S2 Engine - Game engine

8 thoughts on “S2 Engine with PhysX Effets”

  1. BUDA20

    I really don’t see any physx related interesting stuff in there… only post-processing…

    It looks promising.

  2. filip007

    Looks like Crysis, if all games goes for foto-realistic graphics then all will look the same, that’s nice to know.

  3. ca$per

    I guess shadow maps are supported. Otherwise how could they make shadows from vegetation?

  4. ca$per

    Found it (don’t know how to quote here):
    Soft shadows can also been simulated via projective lights.
    So i guess they are not realtime.

  5. Fabio

    I’m the engine coder. The features on the site are still relative to the old version, when I release this new one I’ll update the features page. About the new version (showed into the videoclip) all shadows are shadowmaps and all is in realtime, also the night-day transition.

  6. Psolord


    You did a good job there man.

    A nice way to promote it, would be to include a benchmark feature into it and release it when it’s ready.

    Please make sure Physx is selectable and not forced, unless you use the software non gpu accelerated libraries which would be ok I guess.

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