GeForce GTX 480 OpenCL Performance Tested

GeForce GTX 480 - OpenCL - PostFX / GPU Caps Viewer
PostFX OpenCL test from GPU Caps Viewer

With its 480 CUDA cores (also called streaming processors or SP – see HERE for more details), we can expect the GeForce GTX 480 to have better GPU computing performance than a GeForce GTX 285 (240 cores).

AnandTech in its GTX 480 review, has ran two OpenCL tests:

On both tests, GTX 480 compute speed is around twice faster than a GTX 285 and more than twice faster than a Radeon HD 5870.

GeForce GTX 480 - OpenCL - N-Queens
OpenCL implementation of N-Queens

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  1. Anonymous

    BULLSHIT, The 285 is a peice of shit. 5870 owns 285 in everything

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