PhysX 9.10.0222 Disturbs Hybrid ATI+NV Systems

[youtube 2TOXo98l4aU]

The latest PhysX System Software that comes with latest titles such as Metro 2033 prevents the hybrid ATI+NV hack fron running (hybrid ATI+NV is a system with a Radeon for graphics rendering and a NVIDIA for PhysX simulation – this news and this one are a good way to refresh your memory).

The above video shows the problem with FluidMark. FluidMark starts properly, but at the middle of the test, GPU PhysX dies and CPU starts processing PhysX effects. Other PhysX-based apps are impacted like Mirror’s Edge, Batman AA or Metro 2033.

Now, a new patch is available to fix PhysX 9.10.0222 bug:

[youtube 2Qam6aEM10U]

To sum up a bit, if you have a hybrid ATI+NV with PhysX 9.10.0222 (and forceware 197.xx), you have to install:
1 – GenL Mod 1.02
2 – Containforum fix 1.02

NGOHQ hosts a big thread about hybrid ATI+NV and the problems and the solutions…


17 thoughts on “PhysX 9.10.0222 Disturbs Hybrid ATI+NV Systems”

  1. Psolord

    @Leith Babe

    Agreed mate, but we need a new crossplatform physics API and apart from Bullet which is Open CL based if I am not mistaken and Havok which is CPU only, I don’t know any more.

    Seriously now, are there any OpenCL, Direct Compute or whatever physics demos, that run on both cards?

  2. hector

    no man….ati is pathetic with yours users

    No money for new technology and innovation,only think sold,sold and sold brutal card with million stream prcesors,gdr5 etc,for nothing…bad performance and compatibility in general for all games and aplications…sorry for my poor english

  3. spate

    Bullet is still CPU based, afaik. They’ve been talking about migrating it to OpenCL, and there are folks working on it, but these things take time.

  4. WacKEDmaN

    this is pathetic.. nvidia should be taken to court for anti-compeditive behaviour, not to mention false advertising..

    first the block hybrid physx in the display driver..
    then they drop physx support for certain cards while still stating on their site that ANY 8 or 9 series card is supported..
    now they are blocking hybrid physx in the physx drivers

    this all reminds me of the problems M$ had with IE..least you could still install another browser and use it..

  5. Ezechi3l

    Love my ati 4870×2 for its performances and my Gt240 for physx rendering. One day, I hope this two companies will understand they could sell cards together to the same customer and make more money this way.


  6. Ezechi3l

    oops didn’t find the way to edit my comment.

    —>THANKS for the parch Geeks3D !!!

  7. Psolord


    Your bad English is not problem mate. Your stupid comments are though!

    It seems strange to me that ATI with 33% LESS die space (rv870), manages to be so close in terms of performance with Nvidia’s top dog (GF100) while still consuming like 100W less.

    Are you sure that nvidia is not investing their money for heaters?

    As for the compatiblity, here’s a link to my channel. There 750+ videos, mostly ATI, that show how “BAD” the compatibility and the performance is.

    Now do us all a favor and STFU!

  8. DrBalthar

    I stated before nVidia is an ill company with an ill leader at the top of the chain. Unless he doesn’t step down nothing will change.

  9. Balaji

    If people blame nvidia for disabling physx when ATI card is present, then its wrong,nvidia has done the right thing…. !!! They have spent years in getting the physx engine working !! ATI has done nothing remarkable considering physx!!! Should Nvidia stand still and watch like an idiot if ATI steal Nvidia Physx and enable it to run along with their card without any effort????

    Jerk off ATI!!!!!

  10. Carlos Ramirez

    To Balaji:

    Nvidia HAS NOT done the right thing because you STILL need a f…ng Nvidia card to do Physx. SO you are giving YOUR money to them. The problem is that they want you to render graphics with an nvidia card too, they don´t want competicion and this is the pathetic way to do so. I would love to see Physx render on ATI card, that way nvidia would be screwed.

  11. Loki

    I do bet that if ATI get the leader postion in few years they will try to do the same with NVIDIA.I mean some tricks to burrow competition!Income is on the first place.
    And from other side thats what is going on now ( FARMI is crap) is happening becouse NVIDIA was to sure of their dominance over ATI.
    Before in history even if ATI took a tech lead NVIDIA was able to counter it with ease now for the first time NVIDIA was smashed – 6 months delay, prices from axx , hot crap. I am afraid they wont take over the lead or even come closer in months – what can mean that in few years you guys are gonna criticise ATI the same way you are doing this with NVIDIA right now.
    I just hope they wont finish like 3dfx – maybe one big laugh but remember that financial situation in the world is still unstable and one or two crapy generations of crapy cards from nvidia and who knows…

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  13. MrS0b3

    Ok so someone please help me understand. If physx wont work on ati cards, why then can you still run physx type games using ati cards? Is there some aspects of the game that don’t function? IE videos on youtube with no mention of modding, running mirrors edge and you can clearly see the physics at work….

  14. VoroN

    Nvidia did not create Physx … They bought it from Ageia and if Ati would make hardware physical acceleration is will be fine

  15. MrS0b3

    Ok, but I still don’t understand how the game will run different on an ATI, will it just not have as good of performance on Physx games?

  16. ozlay

    will this hybrid work with a ati 5770 pcie and a nvidia 9400 pci I only have one pcie slot thats why i ask

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