NVIDIA CUDA 3.0 and OpenCL SDKs with Fermi Support Available

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NVIDIA has released a new version of its GPU Computing SDK. This version supports Fermi architecture and will allow GPU computing developers to prepare their code for Fermi-based graphics cards. GPU Computing SDK is made up of CUDA 3.0 Toolkit as well as the OpenCL SDK.

Main new features:

  • Support for the new Fermi architecture (native 64-bit GPU support, ECC reporting, …)
  • A new unified interoperability API for Direct3D and OpenGL
  • New CUDA Memory Checker
  • Support for all the OpenCL features in the latest R195 production driver package (double precision, graphics interoperability with OpenCL, Direc3D9, Direct3D10, and Direct3D11)
  • Support for the latest OpenCL spec revision 1.0.48 and latest official Khronos OpenCL headers as of 2010-02-17
  • Tesla Compute Cluster (TCC)


More information (and other downloads) about the NVIDIA’s GPU Computing SDK can be found HERE and HERE.

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  1. Psolord

    I am really curious to see how the new cards perform under CUDA and PhysX.

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