Cloth and Hair Simulation with PhysX

Physically simulated clothing and hair by CCP. The cloth train interacts with the environment and doesnt become tangled while moving 360 degrees. In addition, the hair is also simulated using APEX Clothing and interacts with hand movements and shows secondary motion while walking. The demo uses PhysX 2.8.3 and a beta release of APEX Clothing.

3 thoughts on “Cloth and Hair Simulation with PhysX”

  1. KenshiHH

    the cloth simulation of havok looks far more realistic,
    physx looks kinda stiff

  2. connorm

    nice the hair was good but clothes not free enough and the animation of avatar wasnt great t move d head to far foward

  3. auld

    This is getting very good. I note the cloth interacts with character, itself _and_ surrounding geometry. No self intersection. Hair needs another generation yet – it has a “lank” look probably due to the simulation considering too few strands of hair and the rest being clumped to those strands.

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