GDC 2010: Havok Destruction and Havok Cloth Demos

Havok Destruction is a cross-platform tool for simulation of rigid body destruction.

Havok Cloth is a performance-optimized development tool designed to minimize the time that game artists spend on animating the behavior of character garments and environmental cloth, while enabling increased believability for cutting-edge games.

More information:
Havok Destruction
Havok Cloth

6 thoughts on “GDC 2010: Havok Destruction and Havok Cloth Demos”

  1. Leith

    Havok Destruction is what Battlefield Bad Company 2 uses for all it’s environmental destruction!

  2. Tyler

    I’ve got a feeling that those demos are built on top of the offset engine…

  3. applejack

    where is GPU acceleration ?!

    BF:BC2 destruction doesn’t come near this, and still somewhat cripples performances.

    videos are very nice to watch though 🙂

  4. gopu

    It’s ridiculous.
    You can get the same effect baking the cloth physics in the animation… Why the hell you would want to perform that in REALTIME? It’s absurd.

  5. Reavenk

    gopu > Seems like you would have more freedom if it was calculated through simulations. The cloth would adapt to blending between multiple skeletons poses better, the speed of the animation could be changed with ease – you can’t just slow down the baked cloth animation cause then you’re attenuating the effect of gravity and other forces in the baked animation – and have outside forces interact with the cloth. Let’s also not forget you can’t bake dynamically ripping the cloth and attaching objects to it (they didn’t show it in the video, but that’s just a generic argument for realtime cloth simulation). And you would have a helluva time baking animation data for dynamics such as ragdoll physics.

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