Ticker Tape: Multi-Core 3D Particle System Demo

Intel Ticker Tape: Multi-Core 3D Particle System Demo

Particle systems are very easy to parallelize because they have many independent objects that can be grouped together in any way and processed in any order.

In this demo, Mike Yi and Quentin Froemke, two Intel engineers, show how to get the most of your multi-core CPU using multi-threaded code with complex particle movement using aerodynamic calculations (lift and drag). The demo uses Intel n-way threaded framework called Threading Building Blocks (TBB) and some SIMD optimizations.

As you can see on the screenshot, the four cores of my Intel X9650 are used and the average FPS is around 35.

The rendering is done with Direct3D 10.

You can download the binaries and source code HERE.


3 thoughts on “Ticker Tape: Multi-Core 3D Particle System Demo”

  1. gopu


    And who would do the particle computations in this way when you can calculate them using Geometry shaders, CUDA, OpenCL or DirectCompute at 20000X that speed?

    Intel is lost, period.

  2. Korvin77

    anyway nothing can be done without CPU isn’t it?. I have only Core2Duo and I wanna see how it will be used. Downloading…

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