ZGameEditor: Create 64KB OpenGL Demos

ZGameEditor - Shader demo

ZGameEditor is a tool for creating 64kb games, demos and screensavers.

ZGameEditor is a game development system consisting of two main components:

  • a Windows based integrated developer environment (IDE) for developing applications
  • a runtime OpenGL based game engine (with shaders written in GLSL)

For more advanced applications and fine-tuning, ZGameEditor uses a minimal C-style scripting language.

What you can do with ZGameEditor:
– small retro style games like Space invaders or Pacman
– screensavers
– animations to use in other applications (see the About-box in ZGameEditor for an example).

ZGameEditor - About box
ZGameEditor About Box

You can find more information about ZGameEditor features HERE and you can
download it HERE.

ZGameEditor - GLSL shader edition
Shader demo – GLSL edition

ZGameEditor - ZBlast demo
ZBlast game