GLGE: WebGL for the Lazy

GLGE - WebGL demo

The new version (0.2) of GLGE is available. GLGE is a javascript library to make the life of the WebGL coder easier.

WebGL is a low level javascript API based on OpenGL ES and like OpenGL, WebGL does not include high level functions and objects such as matrices manipulation or cameras or 3D object loading.

The aim of GLGE is to provide such a set of high level functonalities.

Main Features of GLGE
– Keyframe animation
– Perpixel lighting directional lights, spot lights and point lights
– Normal mapping
– Animated materials
– Skeletal animation(WIP)
– Collada format support
– Parallax Mapping
– Text rendering(probably bitmap)
– Fog
– Depth Shadows
– Shader based picking

More information about GLGE HERE.
Download the last version of GLGE HERE.