ForceWare 196.75 Can Kill Your GeForce Card!!!

GeForce GTX 275 damaged by FurMark

NVIDIA has removed the latest ForceWare 196.75 from their servers because this driver has an important bug: it prevents the fan from spinning and caused a death of multiple graphics cards around the world.

G92-based graphics cards (GeForce 9800GT, 9800GTX and GTS 250) seem to be very affected by this bug.

I currently use this driver on a EVGA GTX 295 / Win7 64-bit without issue.

So in case of doubt, NVIDIA recommend to use ForceWare 196.21. But this driver has a bug and prevents the overclocking of GPU 😀

So the recommended driver is the ForceWare 196.34.

Le jour se lève et les conneries commencent 😉

R196.75 were also the source of artifacts in my OpenGL apps. See HERE for more details.

12 thoughts on “ForceWare 196.75 Can Kill Your GeForce Card!!!”

  1. Leith

    How do they miss this sort of thing in testing?

    And surely there is some sort of hardware failsafe to stop the fan from completely stopping (or at least cut power to GFX chip if fan RPM drops to 0)

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  4. Korvin77

    all of advanced people sure thing have already downloaded this drivers and all of advanced people are without their geforces. sooooo smart! bravo NVidia! 😀

  5. DrBalthar

    More shit hitting the fan at nV HQ first the G96 chip package problem causing thermal death, the G200b chip respin disaster and final pulls, the neverending Fermi disaster and now this. Things really do not look good in Santa Clara.

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