Global Illumination in CryEngine 3 Tech Trailer

A new video from Crytek about CryENGINE 3 for celebrating the launch of their latest all-in-one game development solution introduced at GDC Expo 2009.

Some parts of the video use the Sponza model.

A high-res version of this trailer can be downloaded HERE.

3 thoughts on “Global Illumination in CryEngine 3 Tech Trailer”

  1. Korvin77

    well I was impressed. great work. but I don’t understand why is there NVidia and DX10 only and no dx11 and no ATI which talked to us about GI many times!

  2. sgtheadhole

    u can have GI in dx10, it jsut takes some crytek guys to do it 🙂 since no other devs do anyhting like this

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