Atrium Sponza Palace Model Available in OBJ and 3ds Max Formats

Atrium Sponza Palace Model in GeeXLab
Sponza model in GeeXLab

We can find on Crytek’s website an updated version of the famous Sponza model used in many global illumination tests like this one:

Atrium Sponza Palace Model  - global illumination

The model is available in OBJ and 3ds Max formats and all texture maps are provided.

You can download the Sponza model HERE.

Just for fun, I quickly tested the OBJ format in GeeXLab with basic texturing and no lighting. I cleaned a little bit the material file to make relative the path to textures and also removed the Tr coefficient (transparency for GeeXLab).

When I’ll find a little time, I’ll try to improve the rendering by using the normal maps and other ambient maps (all available in the download).

According to GeeXLab, the OBJ version of Sponza model has 279,163 triangular faces.


4 thoughts on “Atrium Sponza Palace Model Available in OBJ and 3ds Max Formats”

  1. Leith

    When I try to open this in GeeXLab I get this error:
    WARNING: FREE version – Max polygons count (50000) for model sponza.obj reached. Model not loaded. Model polycount=279163

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