Dark Void: PhysX Off vs PhysX On Comparison

The video game Dark Void has several PhysX modes:

  • PhysX off: no PhysX at all – standard physics stuff, calculated on CPU – ragdolls, some dynamic rigid bodies, some particles. Default level for console versions.
  • PhysX low: PhysX CPU – adds some dynamic particles
  • PhysX medium: PhysX GPU (GeForce 8+ required) – enables turbulence particle simulation
  • PhysX high: PhysX GPU (GeForce 8+ required) – includes all additional physics effects, and adds dynamic fluid smoke for Jetpack in Hover mode. Smoke simulation uses up to 100 000 particles

I quickly tested Dark Void demo on WinXP 32-bit + GeForce GTS 250 (all demo settings to high) but looks like the developers have forgotten to test XP support…

Dark Void - bugs under WinXP

Dark Void - bugs under WinXP
Not easy to control when you see nothing…

Dark Void - water rendering
Oh… what a stunning water rendering! Ultra high end video cards required 😉

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3 thoughts on “Dark Void: PhysX Off vs PhysX On Comparison”

  1. SiViS

    Aahaha! ROFLOL.
    Nice game.
    Nice optimization.
    EPIC Nvidia FAIL.

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