CES 2010: NVIDIA GF100 Fermi Tri-SLI and PhysX Rocket Sled Demo

NVIDIA GF100 Fermi Tri-SLI

The stealthy GF100, this time in triple SLI. And the preview of the Fermi GT100 launch tech-demo / game called Rocket Sled that features PhysX effects (smoke, fire, collisions)…

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Update 2010.01.11 (thanks to Zogrim)

In this 720p HD Video we see Nvidias GF100-Fermi Techdemo called Supersonic Sled, directly from CES 2010. In the box running the Demo were 3 graphics card, apparently of the GF100 Fermi breed. Nvidias Sean Cleveland tells us, that only one card was working to make the demo run. In his further comments, he explains how the demo uses DirectX 11 tesselation for improved geometry count and how Nvidias own Physx API helps to model all the parts of the demo, making the volumetric smoke from the engine being deflected by blast screens, the overhanging rock arc crumbling and the bridge break down. Not to mention to ragdoll the poor sledge pilot. Have Fun!

10 thoughts on “CES 2010: NVIDIA GF100 Fermi Tri-SLI and PhysX Rocket Sled Demo”

  1. Reavenk

    When you say stealthy GT100, isn’t it GF100 for the Fermi architecture?

  2. Agent X

    personally i’m surprised they arent in the new 4way sli like the 285 classy’s, makes u wander if NV is going to go anywere with that.

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