Zalman VF3000 VGA Cooler: Ready for Massive Heat Loads

Zalman VF3000 GPU Cooler
Zalman VF3000 for NVIDIA cards

Zalman’s forthcoming VGA cooler, the VF3000, is a high performance heatsink for all current graphics cards, including ATI HD 5000, HD 4000, HD 3000, and NVIDIA 9 series, and 200 series.

With this very cool look, I hope this VGA cooler will be able to silently chill the GPU and VRMs even under extreme situations (not like the VF1000!)…

Last but not least, Zalman is launching VF3000 series VGA cooler. The VF3000 series will come in two different versions one for the ATI graphics card and the other for the NVIDIA graphics card. The high-capacity 92mm dual fan will keep the graphics card cool and the switch noise-free will keep the cooler to a minimum noise level.

Zalman VF3000 GPU Cooler
Zalman VF3000 for AMD/ATI cards

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