cudadbcracker: CUDA Database Cracking Tool

cudadbcracker - CUDA Database Cracking Tool

We start this new decade with cudadbcracker a cracking tool that uses our CUDA capable GPUs to crack Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases password hashes.

cudadbcracker is a salted SHA-1 cracker for cracking database password hashes using CUDA enabled video cards. cudadbcracker was developed using NVIDIA CUDA Software Development Kit (CUDA SDK) 2.1 and is a free software that currently supports MSSQL and Oracle 11g hashes.

I did a quick test with an EVGA GeForce GTX295 (Forceware 195.62 – Vista 32-bit sp2) on the Oracle passwords file (running ora11g_test.cmd). cudadbcracker cracked all passwords (47) in 202 seconds at a speed of about 200 millions passwords / second.

cudadbcracker - CUDA Database Cracking Tool

I wasn’t able to see the GPU usage (MSI Afterburner failed to startdue to missing components…) so I used GPU-Z but switching between one GPU to the other with the combo box was rather hard. I tried with SLI enabled and disabled to see if there was a difference in speed (when SLI is disabled, a CUDA application can use both GPUs of a GTX 295) but the cracking speed was always 200 M passwords / sec. Currently the tool seems to use only one GPU.

Power consumption (total system power):
– Idle: 130W
– cudadbcracker: 240W
– FurMark: 280W

Like this other GPU based cracking tool, don’t try to do other tasks during the test because the GPU is very busy and can’t handle correctly your actions.

7 thoughts on “cudadbcracker: CUDA Database Cracking Tool”

  1. JeGX Post Author

    That would be cool to have a zip cracker , but I don’t know if such a tool exists.

    New year implies new design… This new wordpress theme is in testing.

  2. marcellmajor

    I would like to add multi GPU support for cudadbcracker. I need someone who has a multi-GPU configuration and can help me with the testing.

    Anyone willing to volunteer?
    Then please drop me a message!

  3. vincent

    Hi marcell, i have the configuration u need, actually it’s running a cuda db cracker session at avg spped of 157 millions…to the other hand i have also tried IGHASHGPU which runs at avg spped of 350millions (because it supports multi gpu..but i support only one hash per session….what a crap!)…but i still preferr cudadbcracker….it would be great if you can add multigpu support.. I have a 3 way sli config at your disposal…write me at:

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