[Demoscene] fr-062: the cube

The demogroup farbrausch has released a nice Direct3D 9 prod that requires a powerful system to get a smooth frame rate.

you really need a fast graphics card for this. this demo burns fillrate and bandwidth like it’s going out of fashion. it also has a bunch of rather long shaders, some way too expensive unoptimized postprocessing effects and needs vertex textures for the full experience. you also need d3dx9_40.dll. if it’s way too slow on your machine, pick a lower resolution. if it doesn’t run at all OH COME ON IT’S ALMOST 2010, GET A SHADER LEVEL 3 GRAPHICS CARD ALREADY! this is real time, not amateur hour.

You can download the fr-062 demo HERE.

Demoscene - fr-062: the cube

Demoscene - fr-062: the cube

Demoscene - fr-062: the cube

Demoscene - fr-062: the cube

Demoscene - fr-062: the cube

4 thoughts on “[Demoscene] fr-062: the cube”

  1. David Bloomfield

    Absolutely beautiful demo with unbelievable smoothness and complexity. This is a MUST download.

  2. Athlonite

    and once again farbrausch show the world what their made of i loved it bloddy good work out for my HD5770 i still play fr-08 now and again just for kicks. These guys need to be seriously given jobs coding games cause these guys are the bomb

  3. SimTex

    Don’t worry I think many of them already work in the game industry. From the little people i have met from the demo screen all of them were offered jobs in the game industry or was already working there 😉

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